Stebbins' morning-glory

Stebbins' morning-glory

--Calystegia stebbinsii

The flowers of this perennial look very much like a common morning glory, but is distinctive because of its leaves, each of which are divided into 5 to 7 very thin lobes which radiate outwards from the base of the leaf. The lobes are roughly one half inch in length and resemble fingers on a hand. A non-woody vine that grows from a main taproot and underground stems,

supports numerous large, showy white flowers during the Spring.

Stebbins' morning-glory is found in openings in the chaparral in both the northern and southern portions of the gabbro soils, but appears to be absent from the central area on and around Pine Hill. Positive effects from periodic fire have been demonstrated for this species. This species also occurs in Nevada County.

Listed under the Federal Endangered Species Act and with the State of California as endangered.