Bisbee Peak rush-rose

Bisbee Peak rush-rose

--Helianthemum suffrutescens

A low growing shrub, the Bisbee Peak rush-rose grows between 15 to 30 inches tall, with many straight, slender stems. The leaves are flat and much longer than wide (about 1 inch long but less than a quarter inch wide). The green leaves and stems are very densely covered with soft, short white hairs. The flowers possess five broad petals that are

about one quarter inch long, and are bright yellow in color.

This species is very similar in appearance to the common rush-rose (Helianthemum scoparium), which also grows in chaparral habitat in El Dorado County. Bisbee Peak rush-rose is distinguished by its hairs being more dense, by having leaves that are flatter and broader, and by not dropping its leaves by the end of the summer. Occurrences of Bisbee Peak rush-rose have been found in Amador and Calaveras counties as well as within the gabbro soil region.

Listed by the California Native Plant Society as rare.