June 20, 2003

Boy Scouts Lend a Hand to Rare Plants

Rare plants sure have it tough these days. Development reduces their habitat, fire suppression gives an edge to competing plants, and invasive weeds take over their turf.

Well, thanks to Folsom Boy Scout Troop 237, at least one threat has been greatly reduced. On June 20th, 2003, the Troop put in over 100 hours as part of the Habitat Restoration Team to pull Yellow starthistle, well known for its ability to spread quickly and smother most other plant species.

Eagle Scout candidate Alex Newman organized the

Folsom Boy Scout Troop 237
event (with the help of Pine Hill Preserve volunteer coordinator, Barb Williams) as his Eagle Scout project. Working at the Cameron Park Unit, Alex and the other Scouts learned the importance of invasive weed eradication, and the pressure that remaining weeds on neighboring properties exert on a rare plant preserve such as Pine Hill.

The Troop did a wonderful job removing the weeds to help ensure the continued survival of this rare plant community. Thanks for your hard work, Alex, and the rest of the Folsom Boy Scout Troop 237 of the Rio Del Oro District, Golden Empire Council!!!

If your Troop is interested, please contact Barbara Williams, our Volunteer Coordinator.