Firesafe Councils

What You Can Do

One way to help minimize fire risks in your community is to form or get involved in a neighborhood planning group that addresses local fire issues, such as a fire safe council. Communities across California are joining together to develop fire safe neighborhoods through just this kind of local grassroots organization. Fire safe councils pull together local residents, businesses, and fire experts to educate homeowners on fire risk reduction and to develop plans for carrying out the improvements. For more information on forming a fire safe council, please visit

If the Preserve is your immediate neighbor we can reduce your fire risk by reducing fuels near your property. But we can only do so much. The fuels on your own property are critical to your safety. The most important way that a homeowner can reduce his or her fire risk is by creating a "defensible space" around the home, including keeping firewood stacks away from any structures. For more specific information on defensible space and other measures to make your property "fire safe", please contact your local fire department or the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection.

Fuels Management Contact Information

For specific information regarding fuels management in and around the Pine Hill Preserve, please contact:

Brian Mulhollen
Fuels Management Specialist
BLM Mother Lode Field Office
5152 Hillsdale Circle
El Dorado Hills, CA 95762
(916) 941-3118