About the Pine Hill Preserve

The Pine Hill Preserve was established to protect rare native plants in El Dorado County, California, that occur on a particular soil type known as gabbro soils. The Preserve is centered around Green Valley Road and stretches from Folsom Lake in the north to Highway 50 in the south. Pine Hill Preserve contains a total of 4,746 acres with a high diversity of native plants; however, only 3,276 of these acres are included in an area designated for the recovery of five federally listed plants.

Separated into five groups of lands, the Preserve is made up of the:

  • Cameron Park Unit (to the south)
  • Pine Hill Unit (centrally located)
  • Penny Lane Unit (east of Pine Hill)
  • Martel Creek Unit (west of Pine Hill), and
  • Salmon Falls Unit (to the north).
Though the units are physically separated, they are managed together as a single Preserve. Having larger units allows management actions like prescribed fire that cannot be attempted with small parcels surrounded by developed private lands.

An important part of the Preserve's overall management includes wildfire risk reduction and control of the amount of vegetation, or "fuels", present. This is called fuels management.

On top of Pine Hill - Click for larger picture